Remembering Civilla

Remembering Civilla
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The Parish of St Paul’s lost a shining light and a piece of its soul last last week. Civilla, a veteran of our community and  a spiritual mother of our church, passed away on Thursday morning after a long term illness. 

Civilla had been a staple of St Paul’s story for the last forty years  and as a former Church Warden she was involved in every aspect of its people and worship for much of her life. 

She was friendly, welcoming, practical and self sacrificing for the good of the community and people around her. Always ready with a smile through thick and thin she earned the love and respect of parishioners and clergy. 

A warm and generous person. She will be sorely missed by this parish and everyone who knew her. 

God bless Civilla and her family at this difficult time. And know she is in the house of God. May she rest in peace and rise in Glory.