St Paul’s Church welcomes you with our new signs…

St Paul's Signs

St Paul's Church Lorrimore Square signs

In an effort to improve our welcome and make it easier for visitors to find the main church entrance in the square, we have designed and had approved a more bespoke sign welcome for visitors to St Paul’s Church Lorrimore Square.

Our Architect, Paul Jackson expounded on an idea from our Warden, Akin Akinwunmi to mirror the unique “lozenge” window aperture from the original the architect John Wimbleton in 1960. Wimbleton, a devout Catholic, sought to reflect the Three in One in every facet of the church he built. Every wall, panel, ceiling and pillar is made up of one or more triangles. The windows comprise two adjacent triangles separated by a rectangle to allow more light.

The design is reflected in our logo, overlaid by an illustration of Freda Skinners sculpture of the Risen Christ in Glory which hangs over our altar.