Youth to Iona Island Fundraising Page

St Paul’s and St Peter’s Campaign for Young People

Dear all. Together with St Peter’s we have just launched our crowdfunding campaign to raise money for our young people to travel to Iona next month. Watch the video from last year’s pilgrimage featuring some of our young people who had a truly transformational experience.

Send the link to all those in your networks with the message that every little bit helps!

IONA Island
IONA Island

You won’t just be helping us reach Iona; you’ll be investing in our future. The lessons we learn and the experiences we gain will ripple through our churches, schools and communities, sparking conversations and inspiring positive change. Together we can empower a generation to make a more just and compassionate world.

Thank you for being a beacon of support.

Young people @ St Peter’s Church Walworth & St Paul’s Church Lorrimore Square