Bishop Karowei Dorgu dies after battle with ill health

Bishop Karowei RIP

Bishop Karowei RIP

The Bishop of Woolwich, Dr Karowei Dorgu died suddenly on 8th September at Kings College Hospital surrounded by his family. He is survived by his wife and twin children.

Bishop Karowei was the first Anglican Nigerian Bishop and was hugely inspirational in his tenure since he took up the post in 2016. Many have spoken of his kindness, his faith in God and people and his willingness to inspire young people to positive endeavors.

Bishop Christopher who was with the family in Dr Karowei’s last hours said the following: 

“There will be time for proper tributes to be paid to him in due course — but for now I wish to convey my deepest sympathy to his wife Mosun, son Timi, twin sister Collette and the whole family. I express my gratitude for Bishop Karowei’s friendship and inspirational ministry — latterly as Bishop of Woolwich — where he brought much joy in his passion for the Gospel and loving encouragement to all whom he encountered. It was a privilege to join the family at his bedside and anoint him in his last hours, and I am grateful that the Archbishop of Canterbury came to pray with the family. We have lost a dear friend, brother and colleague and we will miss him greatly. I commend Bishop Karowei and his family to your prayers. May he rest in peace.” .. and rise in Glory.

Click this link to see a recording of Bishop Karowei’s Funeral at Southwark Cathedral.